CP(Compliance program)

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Dear every Dongseo Employee, we are now introducing the fair trade CP.

In 1980, we have started out as a company specializing in industrial electrical/electronics and machines manufacturing. Through steady R&D and tech development, we have become a company who plays the major role of contributor to the advanced industry. The surprising growth of the company has been the source of mutual development with partners such as clients, same industries, consignment partners and so on and the steady R&D for new products. In light of this, the company wishes to eliminate the master-slaver relationships which are newly emerging as social issues and move toward the fair trade culture.

As the beginning of fair trade, we will implement the legal system called CP(Compliance Program). As we declare the fair trade CP, we would like to inform you that our company is a leader of fair trade culture. So, dear employees and partners, please be aware of necessity for lawful management and fair trade laws and cooperate with the settlement of the CP culture.

The fair trade CP includes the behavior guides based on fair trade and it is composed of mandatory items that employees must comply with for compliance with the fair trade acts and other supplementary items for CP operation. We will be able to prevent actions likely to violate the laws by clearly suggesting the behavior criteria for legal compliance through the CP.

From now on, we will appoint an CP manager and aggressively participate in CP activities until CP settles as our company culture. Especially the company will pay special attention to the subcontract laws due to the characteristics of business. will train you to learn what is to do or not to do in terms of subcontract business. We will fully support you to make sure the fair trade CP culture spreads to every corner of the company. Moreover, in order to prevent possible violation of the law, we will provide periodic monitoring and if we find out illegal actions in trade, there will be some punishments. So please pay attention to the following behavior guide on a daily basis.

First, when establishing a contract, we must distribute papers ahead of time and preserve them for at least 3 years. Make sure that the unit price is determined on a fair basis and never deducted unfairly.
Second, We will provide equal opportunities for partners and make sure to process business in a fair manner at the equivalent positions.
Third, familiarize with the fair trade laws and behavior guides included in the CP appendix and fully support COP operation at each department.

Finally, I would like to mention that violation of laws due to profits and interests of employees will never be tolerated by the company. So please pay special attention to it starting with the declaration of CP this time.