CP(Compliance program)

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What is CP (Compliance Program)?

To secure the frame of voluntary compliance and the ethical decision making for employees with respect to the code of ethics, Dongseo Mechatronics hereby enacts the behavior guides for the code of ethics. Employees must perfectly abide by the behavior guides for the code of ethics regardless of in private or public life. The behavior guides for the code of ethics aim to define necessary items for decision making and behavior criteria and reporting procedures for ethical problems that employees are faced with in their daily life with relation to the fulfillment of the code of ethics.

What are the seven elements of CP (Compliance Program)?

ㆍCEO’s declaration of willingness to support fair trade CP
ㆍDesignation and operation of CP manager who is at the director level with actual rights and roles
ㆍPreparation of business guides with actual cases of fair trade laws compliances
ㆍDifferential training considering characteristics of department/system for at least 2 hours per half
ㆍImplementation of supervision system and reporting to the board of directors for preventing illegal actions
ㆍPunishment reflecting the level of violation
ㆍDesignation of doc managers and supply of accurate, latest information